About the Association
Our Strategic Purposes
  • Promote and foster the growth and development of two-year institutions.
  • Develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the two-year college movement.
  • Strengthen the cause of two-year institutions by presenting their opinions and philosophies to appropriate governmental agencies and organizations.
  • Stimulate the professional development of the membership.
  • Work with four-year institutions on transfer matters.
  • Honor outstanding two-year college students through scholarships and awards.
  • Honor outstanding two-year college professions through awards and grants.
  • Establish regional commissions to study specific concerns of the two-year college movement.
  • Generate professional development workshops and programs.
  • Nominate the New York State Two-Year College Teacher of the Year Award to the SUNY Foundation.
  • Present annual recommendations to the New York State Board of Regents.
Governance of the Association
  • The New York State Association of Two-Year Colleges is self-governing. Association officers and executive committee members are elected from the active membership. Members of regional and special committees are appointed to office by the President.
  • Individual members are represented locally by a campus representative who has direct liaison with the Executive Board through the Coordinator of Campus Representatives. All members can also contact the President electronically through this web site.
  • Minutes of the Executive Committee sessions and proceedings of conferences are summarized in the association newsletter.
  • This web site
  • Info: biannual newsletter
  • Educational Dimensions: papers on diverse topics which affect two-year colleges, as well as poetry.
Committees of the Association
  • Budget and Planning
  • Awards
  • Resolutions
  • Publications
  • Membership & Dues
  • Constitution and By-Laws
  • Nominations
  • The Executive Board
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For further information, please contact:

Craig Capria
Phone: 516-572-7272
E-mail: craig.capria@ncc.edu

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